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Pieter, Dutch physicist and Nobel laureate, 1865-1943. See: Zeeman effect.
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Zeeman, "Extinction in nonautonomous competitive Lotka-Volterra systems," Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society, vol.
It is widely accepted among the cold-atom community that the system of a two-component Fermi gas with s-wave attraction in square optical lattice with an external non-Abelian gauge field (or a synthetic Rashba SOC) and out-of-plane Zeeman field can be described by a negative-U Hubbard model [10-26].
If we will assign to lowest by energy Zeeman level ([M.sub.s] = -S) zero energy, energy of spin states will be redetermined as follows:
Dr Tienie Zeeman is a consultant physician at Netcare N1 City Hospital in Cape Town.
Nicolette Zeeman, one of its editors, fascinatingly likens the shape of the Chapel to that of one of the 'Christ's cribs' so popular in late medieval piety.
The critical points of the potential function fc form an equilibrium surface (Zeeman 1976).
Therefore the most of the literatures have suggested to increase the operational temperature of the bioreactors up to mesophilic ranges for enhancing biogas production (Zeeman et al.
atomic absorption spectrophotometer (M Series AA Spectrometer FS95 Furnace Auto sampler GF 95Z Zeeman furnace) was used for heavy metal analysis.
UoB Head of Professional Guidance Department Badriya Zeeman received the support from the Golden Sponsor of the 14th Professions Day during a meeting between the two sides held at the Bapco head-office.
In the spot umbra the Zeeman splitting was visible in the circular polarization so that the direct measurement of the field strength was possible.