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Pieter, Dutch physicist and Nobel laureate, 1865-1943. See: Zeeman effect.
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In the UK, you would spend 10 years on this and we are doing it all in two or three," said Andre Zeeman, chief actuary at Sanlam, a South African financial services firm.
Other topics include molecules with torsional transitions of the exchange type, the meaning of the Born-Oppenheimer approximation, non-rigid molecular systems with continuous axial symmetry groups, algebraic models of the global description of the molecular spectrum, and the Zeeman and Stark effects.
In die verwesenliking van hierdie doel is die hulp van die studente van die Dramadepartement van die Universiteit van Pretoria onder leiding van Carel Trichard (en Estelle Zeeman vir Die Spookhuis) ingespan, wat die teks 'terwille van die komiese trefkrag en die opvoerbaarheid' verder aangepas het (p.
This act of recognition is by itself worthy of mention, but is made even more powerful by the fact that Zeeman was leaving the company at the end of the merger and did not have a future in the organization.
2005; Hendriks and Zeeman 2009), acid hydrolysis seemed to be more often used since it could efficiently solubilize the hemicelluloses leading to a better enzymatic hydrolysable substrate (Gregg and Saddler, 1996; Hendriks and Zeeman, 2009).
Sanpete County Sheriff's Deputy Eric Zeeman said around 1,500 people had been evacuated, adding that it was hard to give an exact number because the fire had spread rapidly and the area included permanent residences and part-time dwellings.
In vijftig bladzijden worden hun lotgevallen gevolgd: als planter, als zeeman, als baggeraar in Batavia en Soerabaja, als technici in suikerfabrieken en olie-industrie, als KNILsoldaat (beloond met de Militaire Willems Orde).
02, Zeeman Building (Mathematics and Statistics) at the University of Warwick.
El-Mashad HM, Zeeman G, van Loon WKP, Bot GPA, Lettinga G (2004) Effect of temperature and temperature fluctuation on thermophilic anaerobic digestion of cattle manure.