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An Ebstein-Barr virus gene which must be activated for EBV to replicate, thus acting as a switch between latency and replication. The gene is termed ZEBRA as it is localised on the EBV Bam HI Z fragment that corresponds to the EBV Replication Activator; the protein product of ZEBRA is a transcriptional transactivator

(2) Zebra

A popular ‘short form’ of the aphorism often quoted to medical students during clinical rotations—‘when you hear hoofbeats, don’t think of zebras.’ This variation of ‘Sutton’s law’ is designed to teach students a logical approach to a diagnosis, since common things occur commonly and when one hears hoofbeats, one should first think of horses and exclude them in the differential diagnosis before thinking of the unusual causes—the zebras—of a particular clinical finding.


Medtalk A popular 'short form' of the aphorism often quoted to medical students during clinical rotations–'when you hear hoofbeats, don't think of zebras'. See Sutton's law. Cf 'Red herring. '.


ass-like animals with a distinctive black and white striped coat, large ears, tufted tail and stiff mane. Called also Equus burchelli (common zebra), E. zebra (mountain zebra), E. grevyi (Grevy's zebra) and some recognized subspecies.

zebra diagnosis
arriving at an unlikely diagnosis instead of a more common one.
zebra marks
faint striping in coats of horses, usually on the legs, also the neck and withers.
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Researchers have previously suggested that the quagga was a subgroup of plains zebras and not its own separate zebra species, and the new genetic analysis offers more evidence for that idea.
Under the partnership, Proximity will become a Zebra independent software vendor (ISV) and reseller partner.
Little Zebra ran home as fast as his striped legs would carry him.
This is why it's essential to figure out which prospects are your Zebras.
At the same time, I could hear other zebras at the mineral lick, over to the right, but I couldn't see them.
Dust baths help zebras get rid of pesky insects, dead skin, and loose hair.
Wildlife officials in Kenya are conducting a ground survey to establish the number of a rare desert zebra species, according to the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS).
Zebras have long, powerful legs for quick getaways, as well as great vision and a keen sense of smell.
Designed for inventory management, yard management and picking and put-away applications in warehouse, manufacturing and retail environments, Zebras Total Wearable Solutions include:The easy-to-use WT6000 Industrial Wearable Computer, featuring a touch display and secure tap-to-pair NFC technology to easily establish connectivity with Zebras RS6000 Wearable Ring Scanner and HS3100 Headset as well as Zebra Bluetooth-enabled printers for increased productivity.
WHEN MY GOOD FRIEND Jeff Pestrue from Eastman Outdoors and I first went to South Africa and met Professional Hunter Dries Visser, we informed him that zebras were at the top of our "wish list.
No wonder his mother and the other zebras didn't recognize him, He hardly recognized himself.