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An experimental organism—Brachydanio rerio—which has proven useful for studying vertebrate development, via the strategy of saturation mutagenesis; zebrafish have transparent embryos, short generation time—3 months—and prolific egg production
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The predicted common carp GST amino acid sequences together with zebrafish GST genes were aligned by MAFFT version 7 (http://mafft.
The testicular tissues (two-piece) of male zebrafish obtained by dissection method have been transferred to 50 [micro]l Hank's solution (+4[degrees]C) and the testicles have been smashed with the help of forceps [30].
The finding sheds light on how the zebrafish regenerates its retina after injury and informs efforts to restore vision in people who are blind.
The improvement in mice was noticed when they were injected with ECM derived from both zebrafish with damaged hearts and those with healthy hearts, though ECM from the latter was found to be more potent.
Amides, anilides, and organophosphates had a higher percentage of active chemicals in nematodes and zebrafish than in rats and rabbits.
Streisinger made international headlines when he created the first-ever clone of an organism with a backbone, when he duplicated a zebrafish in his UO lab.
HOPE Zebrafish could give Edinburgh experts new knowledge.
Caption: Building blood vessels When researchers blocked production of a protein called egfl7 (top), zebrafish embryos had a hard time making small blood vessels (green, upper inset).
Zebrafish are being used these days for drug discovery and can be a useful and cost-effective alternative to some mammalian models (Peterson et al.
Professor Brunhilde Wirth, Head of the Institute of Human Genetics, University of Cologne, Germany, said that in most of their recent research, they have started out by using zebrafish embryos in which PLS3 was knocked-out and studying their development at the three and five day-old stage.
An examination of the tiny, transparent zebrafish has shed light on how our nerve network protects itself, scientists said.