Zebra Pattern

Alternating light and dark bands of the hair shaft seen by polarising light microscopy in trichoschisis, an autosomal recessive condition caused by decreased sulphur content in the hair shaft
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Featuring the striking black-and-white image of a zebra pattern to represent how 'coherence matters', the wall attracted young groups taking pictures in front of the pattern--which, after years of consistent advertising, is now synonymous with the brand.
Once they decided to buy the business, they painted the place a deep red and put a zebra pattern on the wall behind a booth, where the previous owners had set the stage.
It comes in plain off-white or a zebra pattern for about $8.
Peel the gherkins or cucumber in a zebra pattern and cut on a diagonal into half moons.
However, you don't need to take up game hunting to get the look - Barker and Stonehouse's Rodeo Cowskin rug is printed with a zebra pattern to mimic that decadent style.
While Sushmita Sen wore a floor sweeping black gown -- a style seen a zillion times Hollywood and Bollywood red carpets Celina Jaitley tried in vain, to pep her black dress with zebra pattern pumps.
Handmade in South Africa, this wooden salad bowl features a leopard and zebra pattern etched on multi-hued wood.
"Top this with a zebra pattern coat and you've got a showstopper."
Lounge on a Zebra Print Chaise Longue, pounds 199, from Littlewoods Direct, or serve planter's punch on John Lewis's Zebra pattern coffee table pounds 495, and matching Zebra End Table, pounds 295, which combine retro and safari styles.
The toilet is plain white and the sink has a zebra pattern, echoing the black-and-white theme of the room.
When Owen catches a glimpse of that black-and-white zebra pattern he turns into a hungry lion with a bloodlust for goals.