ZZ genotype

ZZ gen·o·type

people who have a deficiency of α1-antitrypsin and have concurrent emphysema.
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1] were 93% and 59% in nonsmokers and smokers with the ZZ genotype in our sample, whereas in a previous Danish study of ZZ individuals ascertained in patients with COPD, the equivalent values at the same age were 25% and <10%, respectively (25).
Misclassification of genotypes is unlikely because the diagnosis of MZ and MS included a control site for restriction enzyme digestion and because all subjects with a SS, SZ, or ZZ genotype were reanalyzed to confirm the diagnosis.
From the odds ratios for airway obstruction in SZ and ZZ individuals as well as genotype frequencies in this study, it can be calculated (26) that the fraction of airway obstruction attributable to the SZ or ZZ genotype in the general population is ~0.
Individuals with SS, SZ, and ZZ genotypes were retested to confirm the diagnosis.
In the total general population sample, airway obstruction characterized by pulmonary function studies was more common in subjects with SZ and ZZ genotypes than in subject with the MM genotype, whereas frequency of airway obstruction was unaffected in subjects with the MZ genotype (Table 1).
The estimated prevalences of MS, MZ, SZ, SS, and ZZ genotypes in the SAPALDIA cohort are 5.