ZEBRA Protein

An Ebstein-Barr virus protein encoded by the viral BZLF1 gene, which is necessary and sufficient to initiate the complete viral lytic cascade.
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For example, EBV latent genome products activate expression of endogenous retroviruses or HERV which encode a "superantigen" affecting the host immune response in noninfected lymphocytes and the EBV-encoded ZEBRA protein promotes apoptosis of T lymphocytes required for control of viral replication [1].
Gelfand, "Inactivation of NF-kappaB by EBV BZLF-1encoded ZEBRA protein in human T cells," Journal ofImmunology, vol.
Induction of viral lytic gene expression by the viral ZEBRA protein may also affect bystander cells through transient expression of viral mRNA as well as viral-encoded micro RNA and viral recombinases and other factors altering host genome stability.