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Caption: At 50 yards, Hornady's Zombie Z-Max (V-Max) shot very well with this 1.13-inch group and without the flier it measured .85 of an inch.
The Z-MAX cord's PCB-based design also enables its unique, high-performance Zero-Cross termination method.
Tellurex says that their test results show the Z-Max's patented semiconductor material gives it a 4[degrees]C cooling advantage over conventional thermoelectric materials.
Dichos medicamentos pueden tener efectos secundarios como dolores de cabeza y problemas de vision, en el caso de Viagra; o enrojecimiento de la piel, baja presion sanguinea y alergia nasal, con Z-Max. En Estados Unidos ya se han registrado seis muertes que posiblemente se debieron al consumo de Viagra.
F A copper system, Z-MAX Category 6A shielded and UTP systems, data
It increases the termination speed for category 5e and 6 UTP Max outlets to the record levels set by Siemon's Z-Max category 6A UTP and shielded outlets, allowing contractors to maximise their labour efficiency and profitability across the full range of Siemon's category 5e and 6A cabling systems, he added.
.40 S&W FACTORY AMMO PERFORMANCE LOAD (BRAND, BULLET VELOCITY ENERGY GROUP SIZE WEIGHT, TYPE) (FPS) (FT-LBS) (INCHES) Remington 165 FMJ 982 353 2.3 Black Hills 140 TAC XP 1,181 434 2.2 Black Hills 155 JHP 1,179 479 3.2 Hornady 155 XTP 1,205 499 3.5 Hornady 165 FTX 1,201 529 3.3 Hornady 165 Z-Max 1,057 409 2.7 CorBon 140 DPX 1,121 390 1.7 CorBon 165 JHP 1,107 449 2.6 Notes: Groups fired from casual padded rest at Eb yards.
2 Hornady's new line of Zombie Ammunition features Z-Max bullets and can be had in 9mm..40 S&W,.45 ACP,.223, 7.62x39 and.308.
* Z-Max: Sistema de cableado estructurado en categoria 6A, esta compuesto por jack, paneles de parcheo y patch cords, entre otros; lo innovador es el desarrollo del jack nuevo tanto en UTP como en FTP.
Starting with the original Solocam, and with bows like the Z-Max, MQ-1 and MQ-32, there's a lot of speed, accuracy and solid construction.
The bows I'm considering are Mathews' Z-Max, Feather Max, or Ultra Max; PSE's ThunderBolt Lightning Cam; and Parker's Super Magnum.