Paul, French physician and chemist, 1848-1913. See: Yvon test.
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As part of the official programme the national anthems of the United Kingdom and the Republic of Macedonia were played by the Macedonian Army orchestra and a toast to Her Majesty The Queen was given by Her Majesty's Ambassador Christopher Yvon.
4, which had been assigned to the late Yvon LeBlanc and which was officially retired 26 years ago this month, was finally given its proper place Monday night in a brief ceremony held before Gardner's game against Wachusett Regional.
Yvon Fleurisme, 25, has already dug four vast trenches in the ground today.
The store has been rented to Yvon Lambert, the well-known French contemporary art dealer.
THE Crossroads bloodbath continues with new executive producer and Soapstars judge Evil Yvon Grace axeing 20 of the show's cast - only eight have been asked to return for the Dynasty-style revamp next January.
He goes for it as quickly as he can." Judges Yvon, Paul de Freitas and Bill Lyons watched sniggering, retching or applauding in the background as each of the hopefuls got to grips with the task in hand.
Barreau du Quebec, Service de la formation permanente, Developpements recents en deontologie, droit professionnel et disciplinaire 2000, Cowansville (Qc.), Yvon Blais, 2000.
"Americans work in terms of masterpieces; I do the mastershow!" For his MAMCO retrospective, Bertrand Lavier teleports through space and time, revisiting a few of his earlier exhibition-scale readymades, including shows in Paris at Eric Fabre (1980), Denise Rene (1997), and Yvon Lambert (2000), and at the Fine Arts Building in New York (1977).
Yvon Rance (Jugnot) wants his beautiful 17-year-old daughter Laetitia (appealing Berenice Bejo) to be happy -- which to his mind means getting her high school diploma and own hair salon.
I lived a good life and now will be returned to my parents, my sisters, Irene, Mellida, Arthemise, and brothers, Tilmon and Alex all who went before me and my late husband Yvon Robichaud who died in August of 2004, and my daughter Jeannette Haenish who died in June of 2008, and my granddaughter Nancy Robichaud who left us in 2002.
CONTEST crazy cop Yvon Bouvy won prizes worth pounds 1million by using 600 different names to dodge a ban on multiple entries.
Carlton TV bosses have drafted in ruthless Soapstars judge Evil Yvon Grace as the show's new executive producer.