Yuck Factor

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Revulsion or discomfort that influences a person's attitude toward a thing or idea
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However, because of this lack of evidence, it is probable that healthcare professionals who do not want to participate in abortions at any gestation due to the 'yuk factor' could enter a conscientious objection.
Show committee member Karen Bullivant said: "We are looking to bring a bit of a yuk factor back in.
Dubbed the yuk factor, Bains identifies this as the impulsive or emotional reaction often felt in response to particularly distasteful applications of genetic engineering such as the mouse with three ears, or one in the middle of its back.[4] Clearly people will differ with respect to the extent that they associate the yuk factor with a product of food biotechnology.
The major worries for first-time motorhome users are how difficult the vehicles might be to drive and how bad the chemical toilet "yuk factor" is.
There's also the yuk factor. Beards strike me as terribly unhygienic.