Yuck Factor

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Revulsion or discomfort that influences a person's attitude toward a thing or idea
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Ms Winstanley, of NHSBT's Tissue and Eye Services, said: "It is a phenomenon which we call the 'yuck factor' - some people are squeamish about eyes.
The yuck factor comes from mixing what's likely to be a surprising volume of food scraps and keeping them at room temperature for up to two weeks.
The 22-year-old was inspired by studies showing that eating insects is the most sustainable way to feed the growing global population - despite the yuck factor.
When talking about the yuck factor associated with water reuse projects, people seem to be distraught over the fact that the water would go directly from a sewer treatment plant to the tap.
As a result, it has been forsaken by many Lebanese for more than the yuck factor.
Finally, there was a human tapeworm, which as she rightly points out, has the yuck factor so appealing to kids.
Certainly there is a "yuck factor" involved in this treatment for both patients and clinicians.
Besides the yuck factor, mice in the home pose a health risk, said Stuart Nichol of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.