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village in Sweden.
ytterbium (Yb) - a metallic element of the lanthanide group, atomic no. 70.
yttrium (Y) - a metallic element, atomic no. 39.
yttrium-90 - an artificial radioactive isotope with a physical half-life of 2.67 days.
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It was named after the Swedish village it was discovered in, Ytterby.
for development of the Ytterby project in Quebec, Canada.
Rare earth elements were first identified in a mineral unearthed from a quarry in Ytterby, a small town not far from Stockholm, in 1787.
Gilbert first turned up as a dealer at Tucson in the 1970's; he literally had hundreds of flats of antique mineral specimens, mostly stacked in cubic closest packing under his tables and there would always be a small army of enthusiastic shoppers sitting in lotus-like contortions trying to find some rarity from Elba, Iveland, or Ytterby.
A Finnish chemist, Johan Gadolin (1760-1852), studied a strange mineral that had been obtained from a quarry in Ytterby (near Stockholm).
In 1787 an artillery officer, Carl Axel Arrhenius (1757-1824), found a black mineral in the quartz and feldspar quarry at Ytterby, northeast of Stockholm, which was shown by the chemist Johan Gadolin to contain a new "earth"--yttria.
The first three were named from syllables of Ytterby, the quarry in Sweden where the first rare earth mineral had been obtained.