Young prostatic tractor

Young pros·tat·ic trac·tor

a short, straight tubular instrument with blades at its tip, which can be rotated open and closed; it is passed into the prostatic urethra, through a prostatotomy incision made during the later stages of open perineal prostatectomy, with its tip into the bladder; direct traction on the instrument brings the prostate gland down into the operative field, where enucleation can be more easily performed.
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Hugh H., U.S. urologist, 1870-1945.
Young approach
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Young epispadias repair - Synonym(s): Young operation (2)
Young operation - (1) perineal prostatectomy. Synonym(s): Young perineal prostatectomy; - (2) epispadias repair. Synonym(s): Young epispadias repair
Young perineal prostatectomy - Synonym(s): Young operation (1)
Young prostatic tractor
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