Young Thomas

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, Thomas 1773-1829.
British physician, physicist, and linguist who did experiments demonstrating the wave nature of light, investigated how the human eye focuses and senses color, and helped decipher the hieroglyphics on the Rosetta Stone.
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These were exciting and dangerous times, but they helped to sharpen the character of young Thomas Hope, who was to become a major player in the formation of Regency design in Britain.
The trophy, a limited edition, bronze sculpture depicting young Thomas Crowley as he ferried goods to and from ships on San Francisco Bay in the early 1890s, is a tribute to the founder of the company as well as the winners of the award.
Young Thomas Strong's Long Island village is thrown into turmoil when British Redcoats arrive during the Revolutionary War.
The pounds 20,000-a-week star also took young Thomas for a ride in his hired blue convertible Peugeot.
Victor Joseph Adam Beach Thomas Builds-the-Fire Evan Adams Suzy Song Irene Bedard Arnold Joseph Gary Farmer Arlene Joseph Tantoo Cardinal Young Victor Joseph Cody Lightning Young Thomas Builds-the-Fire Simon Baker Velma Michelle St.
It is no surprise to learn from both these volumes that it was a meeting with Lewis, released from detention for subversive activities, which changed the course of the young Thomas's life.
Among them was the young Thomas Dundas (below right, painted in 1764) whose Grand Tour, was a last fling before his marriage to Lady Charlotte Fitzwilliam.
Although she is wearing her leather jacket, although we have made love for the first time in a hotel room on Rittenhouse Square, I am preparing my teenage escape from Philadelphia, from Elfreth's Alley, the oldest continuously occupied residential street in the nation, from Carpenters' Hall, from Congress Hall, from Graff House where the young Thomas Jefferson lived, summer of 1776.
Robert Gittings has suggested, in Young Thomas Hardy, that the older man was a thoroughly good literary influence -- ~Hardy wrote at his best under the guidance of a trained but sympathetic mind'.
Back then, caddying meant a little spending money for young Thomas, but he never dreamed that as a businessman, golfing would earn money for him.
Among his juveniles are The Birthday of Little Jesus (1952); Abe Lincoln, Log Cabin to White House (1956); George Washington (1956); Young Thomas Edison (1958); Thoreau of Walden Pond (1959); and Mark Twain and the River (1960).
He said: "I'm looking forward to seeing young Thomas. My vision is that Martin will win this title fight."