Young, Thomas

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Thomas, English physician and physicist, 1773-1829.
Young-Helmholtz theory of color vision - a theory that there are three color-perceiving elements in the retina: red, green, and blue. Synonym(s): Helmholtz theory of color vision
Young modulus - a type of modulus of elasticity.
Young rule - an obsolete rule to determine a child's medication dose.
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Immediately b ehind him were Young, Thomas and Pettigrew.
Third XV (Friendly, TBA): Saville, Orr, Earnshaw, Young, Thomas, Woodfs, Hellawell, Senior, Bandy, Sykes, Sample, Hirst, Noble (R), Stevenson, Noble (K).
Goals from Darren and Derek Young, Thomas Solberg and Robbie Winters knocked the stuffing out of Alex Caldwell's Third Division new boys.