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Jacques, German surgeon, 1865-1934.

Lister, Joseph

Etymology: Scottish surgeon, 1827-1912
the surgeon who introduced the use of antiseptic surgery in London hospitals in 1867. Lister operations were performed under a spray of diluted carbolic acid, instruments were dipped in carbolic acid, and wounds were dressed with gauze similarly treated.


surname of one of the families studied in major descriptions of the disease.
Machado-Joseph disease - see under Machado
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Reached by phone in his office, Jonathan Lelkowitz was unwilling to discuss any of the details of how Mazal came into being, who Yoseph Levin is, or why the company has any rightful claim of ownership over the mortgage for 315 West 35th Street.
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18 (0718 GMT) to Beijing," an official at Soekarno Hatta international airport Frans Yoseph told AFP.
We're a five-piece based in Galway: Paul Willis, Brian Ruane, Elaine Mai, Yoseph Sheridan and myself.
Lo que ha permitido a que el mayor investigador de pitaya del mundo Yoseph Mizrahi afirme que: "Es la fruta entre las cactaceas con el sabor mas agradable, por lo cual obtiene los mejores precios de venta".
Ramban, Commentary on the Torah, Genesis I (NY Mesorah, 2001; 2009, translated & Annotated by Rabbi Yaakov Blinder and Rabbi Yoseph Kamenetsky)
Human Rights Watch is also presenting its award in a series of ceremonies to Egyptian activist Hossam Bahgat, Russian investigative journalist Elena Milashina and Ethiopian rights advocate Yoseph Mulugeta.
His maternal grandfather, Yoseph Lev, survived the Holocaust by hiding in the empty building of the Warsaw ghetto as the rest of his family was hauled off to Auschwitz.
Finalizo citando los dos ultimos parrafos de una entrevista realizada por el periodista Jorge Rouillon (8) a los rabinos Yeshaiahu Rubinstein y Yoseph Bitton:
Some, like binationalism or various types of federalism or confederation, have a long history, as Israeli historian Yoseph Gorny pointed out in his 2006 book From Binational Society to Jewish State.
Acting estate manager Karel Yoseph Rauy declined to comment on allegations that his company had pilfered land.