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Alternative health A practitioner of yoga
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Caption: 5 Khmer Hevajra dancing with his yoginis, 12th century.
The language of the Yogini Tantras is considered a social matter, for instance, but the specific meditative practices are not, and are hence not discussed in any depth.
Yogini and Subhash Bidve, parents of murdered student Anuj Bidve and brother-in-law Rakesh Sonawane are greeted by MP Keith Vaz as they arrive at the House of Commons
(39.) See Dehejia, Yogini Cult and Temples: a Tantric Tradition, p.
She was believed to be the reincarnation of the great yogini Yeshi Tsogyal, consort of Padmasambhava.
The center's resident teacher, Tulku Jigme Rinpoche, and Yogini Jangehub Palmo will speak.
Alex Jaton, one of the founders, is a yogini who herself has spent years scouring the globe for the perfect yoga experience.
Yogini Bidve wept as husband Subhash yesterday pleaded for justice for their 23-year-old son who was shot in the head.
Perhaps the easiest way to begin a review of this remarkable book is to identify the meaning of the title, "Kiss of the Yogini." The first reference comes at the beginning of chapter 2 (p.
She is the protector of the 24 sacred places, found in both the outer physical macrocosm and the inner microcosm of the yogini or yogin.
The video was filmed in a long-abandoned factory building in Cleveland, Ohio, with Sherri Mills, a modern dancer and yogini and videographer Jimmy Maguire.