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Alternative health A practitioner of yoga
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Similarly, this program will also fulfill the resolutions of Prime Minister Narendra Modi," Chief Minister Yogi added.
Right after taking oath, Yogi Adityanath declared that the picture of the Taj Mahal should be removed from India's tourism brochures.
Launched in 2015, the Yogi Truck is a project that aims to "get people in the UAE off their sofas and into the great outdoors," she added.
Despite losing Yogi, it seems that his memory will be preserved on the small screen.
Since rumours were spread about the visit of Yogi to Janakpur, it has become an head-ache for some leaders in the government as well as in the opposition.
Adityanath Yogi is the Mahant of famous Gorakhnath Math.
YOGI: "Carmen and I had dinner with Joe and Marilyn."
The great bulk of these chapters being devoted to the foundation, history, and current patronage and management styles of Fatehpur and Asthal Bohar, the reader is left to wonder why the Gorakhpur monastery--whose current mahant, Yogi Adityanath, is also the highly controversial right-wing Chief Minister of the state of Uttar Pradesh--receives such scant attention.
Bollywood sensation, Reebok brand ambassador and yoga enthusiastMalaika Arorais confirmed to join a line-up of over 35 international and local yogis at XYoga Dubai on 16-17 Marchat Dubai's Kite Beach.
Yogi Tea is a brand of East West, which is owned by the Sikh Dharma, a religious community based in Espa[+ or -]ola, N.M., and founded by the late Yogi Bhajan.
Barry goes on to quote Shekhar Gupta, with Yogi's appointment, 'Modi is unveiling a vision of benign majoritarianism that means it's a Hindu country, that's the fact, and we'll be nice to you if you behave yourself.'
The yogi is the first home environmental test kit that enables consumers to get a complete snapshot of their indoor air quality (IAQ) from a certified laboratory.