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How will lowering tables help us with learning?" Williams asked her students, who shared their thoughts while seated on yoga balls, rockers, wobble stools, a couch and other types of seats.
Police found a deflated yoga ball in the back of the car.
Khaw is accused of putting the gas-filled yoga ball in the boot of a Mini Cooper driven by his wife, Wong Siew-fung, on May 22, 2015.
This is also known as a fitness ball, yoga ball or gym ball, and is used as part of an exercise regime.
Mitchell is also promoting his memoir, which he wrote while sitting on a yoga ball due to a long-term back problem.
"I went walking and bought a yoga ball to do sit ups and squats on.
Gravelle said, and sensory room items for this sense include rocking chairs, a big yoga ball, and balancing boards.
It's not so much a narrative as a series of pianissimo movements that grow out of this structure: Theresa and Schultz strike up a romance that dissolves in bitterness; Lauren reveals uncomfortable truths about her family life; James is caught off-guard by unexpected feelings; and Marry gets knocked off her yoga ball by the sting of one of her truth exercises.
Fitball is sometimes known as exercise ball, gym ball, pilates ball, sports ball, fitness ball, stability ball, therapy ball, Swiss ball, yoga ball, balance ball or body ball.
Sure, there may be isolated sparks of attraction, but don't expect her to tie you up with leg warmers or bend you over the yoga ball any time soon.
Some babies will really like being on their tummies while balancing on a beach ball or yoga ball.