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The milled product of mined uranium, which belongs to the front end of the nuclear fuel cycle
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I discovered that the real story here is not so much money or the exchange of tritium and yellowcake uranium but that South Africa responded to an Israeli request to release safeguards which essentially stopped this uranium from being used for military purposes and agreed to lift safeguards which essentially allowed the Israeli to use it in Dimona [Israel's nuclear research centre] for their nuclear programme.
La Signora also gave him the forged contracts and cables supposedly proving Iraq's purchase of 500 tons of yellowcake uranium from Niger.
Wilson to Niger to investigate reports cited by the C-R-W cabal that Saddam was attempting to buy yellowcake uranium for his WMD program.
He was the one who met her dad Jordon a year ago to discuss missing Yellowcake uranium from a warehouse because the newspaper's numbers were wrong.
That story involves the Administration's efforts to mislead the nation into war using false claims that Iraq attempted to purchase yellowcake uranium from Niger--which just happens to be the story by which Robert Novak carried its dirty water.
After the administration admitted that it had put out incorrect information about Saddam Hussein shopping for yellowcake uranium in Africa, the press went after the WMD-that-weren't story with a vengeance.
Indeed, AEI has both enabled and been enabled by the general drift of conservative culture in Washington, one in which information from forged documents about yellowcake uranium makes its way into the State of the Union address, and a mounting GI body count is deemed a sign of the enemy's desperation.
Who can fail to recall the yellowcake uranium from Niger and those ominous warnings of "high-level contacts" between secular Baghdad and the religious fundamentalists of Al Qaeda?AaAa
The report said that US had sent a secret letter to the 10 countries that produce yellowcake uranium u the raw material for enrichment u asking them to closely monitor their supplies and to keep them out of Iranian hands.