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The milled product of mined uranium, which belongs to the front end of the nuclear fuel cycle
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Goldman's uranium business can trace its roots back to an apartheid-era South African trading conglomerate that sold Iran its only known source of foreign yellowcake 35 years ago.
An estimated 6,400 barrels of yellowcake uranium were discovered near the southern city of Sabha towards the end of the uprising of 2011.
The new account of the yellowcake deal does not delve into the nuclear programs of other nations.
In a ceremony broadcast live from Iran's state IRIB TV, Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad opened the Shahid Rezaeenejad Yellowcake complex in the city of Ardakan.
The uranium extracted from Saghand mines in Yazd will be processed and turned into yellowcake in Shahid Rezaeinejad complex, which has the capacity to annually produce 60 tons of yellowcake.
Company officials hope that the Hobson plant will increase its yellowcake production, now at 200,000 to 250,000 pounds per year, far below the plant's capacity.
One IAEA source said two sides had also worked out a program for the trip to the Homs acid purification plant, where uranium concentrates, or yellowcake, were a byproduct.
plant operator or utility typically purchases yellowcake and contracts
The head of the Iranian nuclear programme, Ali Akbar Salehi, said on state television that "The West had counted on the possibility of us being in trouble over raw material but today we had the first batch of yellowcake [raw uranium] from the Gachin mine sent to the Isfahan [conversion] facility".
Iran triggered heightened concern in the West on Sunday by revealing it had taken a new step in the nuclear fuel cycle, producing its first home-grown batch of the raw material for enrichment, uranium yellowcake and making it "self sufficient," according to the country's atomic chief.
The Atomic Energy Organisation of Iran announced it had used domestically produced uranium yellowcake (refined ore) at its conversion plant in Isfahan.
According to the AP, nuclear chief Ali Akbar Salehi said the uranium ore concentrate, known as yellowcake, was produced at the Gachin uranium mine in southern Iran and delivered to the uranium conversion facility in the central city of Isfahan for reprocessing.