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A reference book written by the CDC and published biennially by Elsevier for health professionals who advise international travellers about health risks
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Congressional yellowbook. Winter 2001/Summer 2002.Washington, DC: Leadership Directories, Inc.
Although the specific details of the copy-protection schemes are closely guarded, in broad terms the technology exploits the difference between the standard used by consumer CD players, known as RedBook, and the standards used for CD drives in personal computers, known as YellowBook and OrangeBook.
Our measure of contract spending is derived from USAID Yellowbook data (USAID 1996, 1997).
To drop Yellowbook, go to and click on "Directory Opt-Out" at the bottom of the page.
But Yellow Book's most appealing feature could be its online directory, at, where BT said it saw huge potential inside and outside the US in partnership with its own portal, Yell.