Yellow Label

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The colour of the label once used for blood group A, per California standards. ABO blood group colour coding is not required by the FDA
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The dilawan or yellow tag, Bam Aquino admits, has had some adverse impact on the opposition.
he young male Humboldt penguin with the yellow tag on his right wing is a star pupil: He touches the coloured board with his beak for a full four seconds.
Sheep with both ears tagged will have a yellow tag and a grey tag in the right marked UK 0165770.
"Failure to act on the yellow tag may result in the blacklisting of all Philippine marine and fisheries products in the European Union market," said Drilon, adding, "we must pass our amendments to the Fisheries Code before the EU puts us under aACAyred flag' which would categorize us as a non-cooperating country by failing to discharge our commitment to eliminate IUU fishing."
FOR those contemplating beginning Taekwondo, wondering what type of people take it up, here's a snapshot of some Wirral UKTA members: Yellow tag brothers Brandon 9, Tyler 6, and Ellis 7 started Taekwondo in March.
Savemore also offers SM Bonus items which give great value as well as various promos and discounts like Buy One Get One, SWIPE, Valuepack, and Yellow Tag.
The service will be available for select items, which will be displayed on the website with a yellow tag on the product page.
Officers say some of the sheep have a yellow tag on them with the farm code UK705938.
The yellow tag, DD Form 1574, is for a repaired component sent back to you from ASB or depot.
The scaffold had a yellow tag on it, which meant there had to be a 100 percent tie off, but there was no appropriate tie off on the scaffold itself.