Yellow Metal

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A metal—e.g., copper, gold, magnesium, nickel, platinum, or zinc—which, per the pseudoscience of colour therapy, allegedly stimulates the immune system and cleanses the skin and intestine
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However, with the wedding and festive season underway in India, demand for gold jewellery is expected to rise because buying the yellow metal is considered to be auspicious during this season.
Apart from this, Greece debt crisis, which was a cushion for gold prices for some time, has been resolved, thereby severely hurting the safe haven appeal of the yellow metal.
He added that correction of gold price is inevitable, especially the price has surpassed its fair value in light of prevailing economic situation in the world which is estimated at $1,000 an ounce, which reflects the true value of the yellow metal.
It may be painstaking work, but Kuriakose says it is as coveted a job as the yellow metal itself.
Shop assistants that BNA spoke to were of the view that sale of the yellow metal was expected to move further ahead by the evening and on Friday since it is the weekend.
Is the yellow metal losing steam or gathering momentum?
However, if we were to consider the leading competitors in the fiscal Olympics, would the shiny yellow metal really take home the gold medal?
Summary: The Gold to go machine offers tourists and locals the ideal souvenir from Dubai, which is widely known for its abundance of the precious, yellow metal.
BRIGHT LIGHT: Yellow Metal Venetian Blind, from pounds 53, www.
Saudi Arabia ranked first in consumption of the yellow metal.
6km beneath the sea, and the five-story-high device looked largely intact on Saturday night with black stains on the yellow metal.
Weekend buying by speculators at the current level due to ensuing festival season helped the yellow metal to recover sharply," traders said.