Yellow Marrow

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One of two types of bone marrow—the other is red—which, like red, contains abundant capillaries, as well as specialised lipid storage tissue but, unlike red marrow, no haematopoietic tissue. Yellow marrow is found in middle of long bones and, in the face of severe blood loss, is converted to haematopoietic red marrow
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As the sphenoid bones prepare to pneumatize, red marrow changes to fatty yellow marrow. (2) On T1-weighted MRI, this change is reflected as a change from hypointensityto hyperintensity.
Yellow marrow is found in the center of the long bones.
In the fetus and infants, red marrow is found in almost all the bones of the body As a child matures, the red marrow recedes and is replaced by yellow marrow, which consists of fat cells and connective tissue.