Yellow Jackets

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A regional term for a formulation of depressant
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The players were not allowed to participate in the season-opener against the Yellow Jackets.
When the Animo Squad and Yellow Jackets perform at the same time, the hashtag #DLSUST goes trending.
Yellow Jackets. Charleston, SC: Dept of Entomology, Soils and Plant Services, Clemson Cooperative Extension; 1998.
But the Yellow Jackets tallied first when junior David Gandara got a step on the left wing and rifled a rising wrister to the corner past Holy Cross goalie Matt Ginn's blocker.
She finished her career as the Yellow Jackets' career leader in points (1,567), rebounds (1,041), rebounds per game (10.4) and free throws made (351).
After Endicott shut down the Yellow Jackets (51-11) in the seventh, the Ducks took the lead in the top of the eighth when Ashley Kivett hit a sacrifice fly to score Shelley Deadmond on a muggy, 85-degree afternoon.
Holt Bodinson's "Creepy Crawlie Safari" article reminded me of two-shot flying yellow jacket hunting with a BB gun.
A full electronic warfare range allowed the Yellow Jackets and the Wizards to bring their electronic jamming to the fight.
when those yellow jackets swirl up from the scrub grass
The bright yellow jackets are already being worn by pupils when they go out for lessons-related walks through Ashington with their teachers.
Yellow jackets are popular with gardeners, as they eat other insects, but swarm if disturbed.
Two men, wearing balaclavas and yellow jackets,forced their way into the bank just before 5pm on Friday where they threatened staff and stole cash in grey plastic boxes.