Yellow Iris

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A perennial herb, the dried rhizome of which contains alkaloids, salicylates, tannin, and volatile oil; yellow flag was once used as a blood purifier, for flatulence, headaches, heartburn, colic, skin complaints
Toxicity Fresh yellow flag root is poisonous, and may cause gastrointestinal pain, nausea, vomiting
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Our studies show that the UF-100 urine analyzer's results are comparable with those of manual microscopy and published reports of the performance of the Yellow IRIS urine analyzer.
Evaluation of the Yellow IRIS. An automated method for urinalysis.
"The Yellow IRIS" urinalysis workstation--the first commercial application of "automated intelligent microscopy".
Make another area a boggy, muddy edge by simply extending the liner and burying it about 6in beneath the soil so that it can be planted with marginal moisture lovers such as reeds, marsh marigolds and yellow iris, which will help dragonflies clamber out of the water.
There is nothing as romantic as a yellow iris in the rain.
The Isle of Arran has a rich diversity of plant life, with around 50 species of wild flower including marsh marigold, wood anemone, bluebells and yellow iris.
Yellow iris is blooming in the ditches there, clumps of comfrey abound, and bright ox-eye daisies shone white at the edges of yet more set aside - great news for wildlife in this quiet corner of south west Lancs.
For summer, there are purple and yellow Iris foetidissima and arum lilies, while autumn displays are provided by free-flowering little Cyclamen hederifolium and naked ladies, Colchicum autumnale, sometimes wrongly called autumn crocuses.
THE first spears of yellow iris and the widening basal leaves of evening primrose were warming to the heart, but a sharp flurry of snow was enough to remind me that winter is still with us.
Right in front of me is the pond with its spears of yellow iris forcing up through the mud and the dark green lushness of king- cup leaves at the pond margin promising a display of their golden buttercup heads in a few weeks time.
STOCKING It's best to have a mixture of submerged plants, floating plants and emergent plants (those that are rooted in water but whose foliage extends into the air).Native plants to look out for are: Submerged - Water-milfoil Myriophyllum,Hornwort Ceratophyllum,Curled pond weed Potamogeton Crispus.Floating: White water lily Nymphaea alba, Ivy-leavedDuckweed Lemna trisuica.Emergent: Yellow Iris pseudacorus,Meadowsweet Fillipendula ulmaria,purple Loosestrife Lythrum salicria,Greater spearwort Ranunculus lingua, water forget-me-not Mysootis scopidides.