Yellow Flag

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A perennial herb, the dried rhizome of which contains alkaloids, salicylates, tannin, and volatile oil; yellow flag was once used as a blood purifier, for flatulence, headaches, heartburn, colic, skin complaints
Toxicity Fresh yellow flag root is poisonous, and may cause gastrointestinal pain, nausea, vomiting
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Brent Dillard was the man involved in the yellow flag incident and the American was sidelined after flipping his boat out of contention in the wind.
[Note: Under New York State regulations (NYCRR Part 575), it is illegal to knowingly possess with the intent to sell, import, purchase, transport or introduce yellow flag, floating primrosewillow, and yellow floating-heart.
Although Karminder was the first to cross the finishing line, he was penalised 30 secs for overtaking under yellow flag. Eventually, Angad Singh Matharoo of Punjab was elevated to the first place, followed by Angul and Keshav.
A yellow flag was raised on lap 11 when Brett Stuart's Caudwell Racing boat broke down and the delay enabled Al-Hameli to close in on Carella's tail before the restart.
To Carella's luck, one of the turn buoys along the race course was wiped out by a fellow pilot, which forced the yellow flag period that saw the field of 18 powerboats parade one behind the other with Slakteris up front.
"I took avoiding action and when I saw the yellow flag, it was just before the front wing (on the track) so I moved to one side.
A spinout on lap 24 brought out the race's first yellow flag and the night's first lead change, as Ryan Preece caught Christopher coming around turn two on the lap 29 restart.
Make edge-shelves 12in wide to hold baskets of marsh marigolds, water forget-me-nots and yellow flag irises to have flowers right up to the water's edge.
However, within a few hours, stewards imposed a 25-second penalty on Liuzzi for apparently overtaking under yellow flag conditions on lap 55 of the 67-lap race.
In car racing a yellow flag means proceed with caution, and that's just what 17-yearold Kyle is trying to do.
A wide variety of flora and fauna, including the Palestinian Mountain Gazelle and the Yellow Flag Iris, find their northern and southern limits in the valley, and everyone from early humans leaving Africa to modern armies have passed through.
"If they can't provide specific examples of what they achieved, that's a yellow flag," he says.