Yellow Creek

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A river in Kentucky once used for illegal dumping of toxic chemicals—tannin and chromium—from a local factory; exposure to waters from the Yellow Creek was linked to a local epidemic of spontaneous abortions, nausea, rashes, diarrhoea and glomerular disease.
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Jason Vokoun sampled catfish with hoop nets in northeastern Missouri's Grand River--a tributary of the Missouri River--as well as in two smaller tributaries of the Grand, Big Creek, and Yellow Creek. Yellow Creek is about 15 feet wide, while Big Creek is about twice that width.
It has interests in properties located in the Hugoton field of Kansas, the San Juan Basin field of New Mexico and Colorado and the Yellow Creek field of Wyoming.
He added that soon his department, the Division of Research, will be helping with the development of Yellow Creek Port, a state-owned port near the confluence of the Tennessee River and Tombigbee Waterway in Iuka.
Stream American brook Northern brook lamprey lamprey Saint Joseph River 6 -- Elkhart River 19 -- Little Elkhart River 6 -- Pine Creek 4 -- Yellow Creek -- -- Christiana Creek -- 1 Cobus Creek 7 -- Puterbaugh Creek 8 -- Rock Run Creek 1 -- Rowe Eden -- -- Turkey Creek -- -- Trout Creek 1 -- Baugo Creek -- -- Stream Silver lamprey Adult chestnut Ichthyomyzon lamprey ammocoetes Saint Joseph River 3 59 9 Elkhart River 1 34 6 Little Elkhart River -- 13 7 Pine Creek -- 2 -- Yellow Creek 1 8 -- Christiana Creek -- 7 15 Cobus Creek -- 1 -- Puterbaugh Creek -- -- -- Rock Run Creek -- 2 -- Rowe Eden -- -- 1 Turkey Creek -- -- 3 Trout Creek -- 2 -- Baugo Creek -- 2 --
In the 1980s Yellow Creek and the tannery made national news when Bell County residents formed the community advocacy group, Yellow Creek Concerned Citizens, and sued the tannery and the city over the contamination of Yellow Creek via the old sewage plant, spearheaded by Larry Wilson.
250 m of Little Yellow Creek immediately upstream of the confluence with Yellow Creek were sampled; this reach was completely dry in August 2010 (J.
The race was held at Yellow Creek State Park in Indiana, PA, and consisted of an 800 meter swim, a 13-mile mountain bike, and a four-mile trail run.
that a 34-year-old resident of Van Nuys, Calif., had not resurfaced after going underwater while swimming near the Yellow Creek boat ramp.
HEMPSTEAD CO.: Yellow Creek, 0.4 km from railroad on St.
Three sample sites were selected in Tinkers Creek and one each in the reference sites, Furnace Run and Yellow Creek. Furnace Run and Yellow Creek were sampled near their confluence with the Cuyahoga River (Riverview Road and Yellow Creek Road, respectively).