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A powder prepared from the roasted kernels of the ripe seed of Theobroma cacao (family Sterculiaceae); used in the preparation of cocoa syrup, a flavoring agent.
See also: cacao.
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According to The Highway Code, drivers should not enter a yellow box junction unless their exit is clear.
According to CTTMO chief Dionisio Abude, violators who will be caught exceeding the time limit for loading or unloading passengers at these Yellow Boxes will be fined P500.
Starting May 1st drivers flouting yellow boxes to be fined
He said motorists should abide by the yellow box regulations to maintain a smooth flow of traffic at junctions.
Bus lane fines have now made the authority PS4.5m, yellow box fines have added PS109,760 to the pot and infringements caught by the specially adapted camera car another PS108,955.
But the problem in other areas is that not all intersections are manned, resulting in a gridlock in those unmanned intersections because drivers simply ignore the yellow box. Definitely, not all traffic enforcers are deployed efficiently.
Al Bannai said that the penalty for stopping in the yellow box is Dhs500.
Colonel Dr Jasim Khalil Merza, director of the Dubai Police's awareness department, said the campaign aims to eradicate traffic jams in the yellow box. Some drivers enter the box even when there is a traffic jam ahead, he said.
A postman hands over a bright yellow box as a family awaits a peek at its contents.
The WMS-1B Underground Listening Device (or Yellow Box) has proven effective in reducing the costs that accompany unwanted utility line hits.
The offender went into an unlocked outbuilding and stole tools, including a red and black Milwaukee breaker, a Paslode nail gun, a red and black Milwaukee saw, a Bosch drill, a Makita circular saw, Milwaukee drill and drill bits in a yellow box.
The fine for stopping in the yellow box is Dh500 and, according to police officials, a larger number of surveillance cameras are being placed at intersections as well as patrol cars to catch violators.