Yellow Blood

A popular term for a unit of packed red cells with a milky yellow-white discolouration
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Beetles, sea cucumbers and sea squirts have yellow blood. Many annelids, including marine worms, segmented worms and leeches have their blood green.
"There's only blue and yellow blood runs through our veins," smiled Walls.
If he were to decide, Coscolluela said he wanted administration bet Mar Roxas to be the next president, not because the former governor had yellow blood but because he believed the former interior secretary was fit for the presidency.
The ladybird's bright colours are a warning to predators of its foul taste.They are even able to secrete small amounts of their oily, foul-smelling, yellow blood from their legs as a further warning to predators such as ants or birds.
The constellations linked themselves into chains, then mazes, then they formed a matted veil of yellow blood vessels within Lauri's eyes.