Candidiasis Hypersensitivity Syndrome

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A controversial condition attributed to an overgrowth of Candida albicans on mucosae, especially of in the vagina and GI tract
Aetiology Candidiasis hypersensitivity syndrome has been linked to various agents, ranging from overuse of antibiotics to oral contraceptives and pregnancy
Diagnosis Based on a questionnaire, rather than blood or tissue studies
Management Nystatin
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(The story is detailed in his books, The Missing Diagnosis and its sequel.) William Crook, MD, dedicated his career, after reading Truss's work, to the treatment of yeast, which he wrote about in The Yeast Connection. My use of the term, the yeast syndrome, derives from the book of the same title written by John Trowbridge, MD, and Morton Walker, DPM.
There are several versions of the so-called Candida diet, which was first popularized in 1983 with William Crook's book, The Yeast Connection. Some Candida diets are very restrictive, with a laundry list of foods to avoid, including fruits, vegetables, dairy, meats, coffee, tea, alcohol, and food additives.
Dean has authored or coauthored twelve books, including The Magnesium Miracle, The Yeast Connection, Death by Modern Medicine and Women's Health, and Hormone Balance.
Crook, MD, published The Yeast Connection, the first of many books linking candidiasis, chronic health problems, and a high-carbohydrate diet.
The following suggestions are from one of his books, The Yeast Connection and the Woman:
To learn the best foods to eat or avoid, get The Yeast Connection and Women's Health (Dr.
William Crook published The Yeast Connection, a book that explained the subtle and frustrating effects that Candida yeasts can have on a woman's body.
The Yeast Connection -- A Medical Breakthrough by William Crook
"In children who suffer from yeast infections," notes William Crook, author of the Yeast Connection and a leading authority on this epidemic, "they will suffer from bloating, diarrhea, skin and diaper rashes, and vaginal discharge."
Beyond the Yeast Connection: A How-To Guide to Curing Candida and Other Yeast-Related Conditions
Orian Truss in The Missing Diagnosis, William Crook in The Yeast Connection and Keith Sehnert in The Candidiasis Syndrome, assert that Candidiasis can cause or mimic virtually any disease symptom from bad breath to Multiple Sclerosis-type neurological disorders.