Yallow, Rosalyn Sussman

Etymology: U.S, medical physicist, 1921-2011
co-winner with Roger Guillemin and Andrew Schally of the 1977 Nobel prize for medicine or physiology for her work in endocrinology and development of the radioimmunoassay technique.
References in classic literature ?
I never saw one so white--they are mostly red or yallow.
Howiver, if Tom's to go to a new school, I should like him to go where I can wash him and mend him; else he might as well have calico as linen, for they'd be one as yallow as th' other before they'd been washed half-a-dozen times.
But as for being ugly, look at me, child, in this silver-coloured silk-- I told you how it 'ud be--I look as yallow as a daffadil.
Besides, Tom,' says I, `it jest spiles your gals; they get sickly, and down in the mouth; and sometimes they gets ugly,--particular yallow gals do,--and it's the devil and all gettin' on 'em broke in.
I begin to hate the sight o' the cow; and I say now what I said three weeks ago, the sooner we get rid of her the better, for there's that little yallow cow as doesn't give half the milk, and yet I've twice as much butter from her.
The technique of using yellow adhesive traps is very attractive to adults of the leafminer; It is probably due to the yallow color which turns yellowish-greenish by the reflection of light and the greenery of the crops.
Tenders are invited for Supply of four Yallow colored four Wheeler TaTa ACE Garbage Hopper Tipper Made by TaTa Company with siron all acessries for collectoin Of Garbage From Diffrent wards Under Nagar Palika Parishad Begamganj District Raisen
We see the theoretical logic in that argument; however we, like Ebel (1956, 1977) and Yallow and Popham (1983) believe the term "content validity" is useful for practitioners and lay audiences and effectively communicates an important aspect of the quality of test scores.
THE STORY: Marcus Yallow is 19 now, a college dropout looking for work.
Cortisol RIAs rapidly gained popularity in the 1970s, almost 13 years after Berson and Yallow developed the first insulin RIA (6).
The Legend Of Yallow Hole" is the story of two cattle rustlers, Bibo Adams and Running Iron Smith, and Ardis Manners, a young woman with a rifle and a job for one of them that they simply cannot refuse--as much as they'd like to
Identification of a premature stop codon in the melanocyte-stimulating hormone receptor gene (MC1R) in Labrador and Golden retrievers with yallow coat colour.