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yagya (yäˑ·gyä),

n ritual in which particular sequences from the Vedic texts are performed by pandits and are believed to remove illness and any obstacles to growth. See also pandit.
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The INC members performed a yajna to mark the occasion.
Lalu had gone to participate in a yajna (a Hindu ritual) when the incident took place.
Tenders are invited for Beautification Work Of Shahid Park Under The Amrut Yajna At Mewatipura, Bahraich
A prominent Sadhu, Swami Kailashanand of Haridwar who is regularly performing a yajna at the Panchnagva temple in the outskirts of Etawah about 70 km from here," a neighbour of the first family of Etawah said on condition of anonymity.
The President's attempt to attend a yajna organised by TRS leader Chandrasekhar Rao caught media attention only because he went back following a fire at the yajna site.
Conducting Yajna at a large scale under the guidance of Gayatri Pariwar, there 300 havan Kunds placed at the destination, all for the world peace and togetherness.
Agnihotra" practitioners freely shared (it has to be free) their knowledge and experience of this ancient yajna (ritual or sacrifice) that began in ancient Hindu civilization.
The celebrations, which were timed to mark the start of spring, culminated with robed priests pouring clarified butter - called ghee - onto open fires in a ritual called a Yajna, and the guests throwing different colours at each other.
If The Fire and the Rain constructs literary discourse in relation to drama and the Yajna ritual (it enacts how drama and Yajna have similar structures and functions), Naga-Mandala situates that discourse within the literary space itself--drama-story interaction (narrating and displaying).
Brian Smith has noted the importance of the sacrifice or yajna, described as a sturdy vehicle--a bird, a cart, a ship, or a chariot--to carry the sacrificer on the difficult and dangerous journey to the yonder world of the gods, where one can replicate the original sacrificial action of the gods.
A holy Hindu ritual called Yajna, where robed priests will pour offerings of clarified butter into a large sacred fire, will form the climax of the ceremony.
Segun otras creencias religiosas antiguas de la India, las lluvias se producen como resultado de la ejecucion de un yajna y sacrificio, y el yakna nace de los deberes prescritos.