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(zhä-kôb′), François Born 1920.
French geneticist. He shared a 1965 Nobel Prize for the study of regulatory activity in body cells.
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Q. My brother-in-law named Jacob has bi-polar schizophrenia; please help us by giving some solution for this… My brother-in-law named Jacob has bi-polar schizophrenia; he is currently on his medication and takes them faithfully in a positive mood. We have a hard time communicating with each other and it's destroying our marriage, please help us by giving some solution for this…

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In fact, this issue is hard to miss - for by occasionally using both names in very close proximity, the Torah seems to be making sure that we notice the coexistence of Ya'akov's old name alongside his new one.
The father, Ya'akov Chertok-Shertok, was an ardent Zionist and man of the pen.
(20.) Ya'akov ben Asher, Peirush Ha-Tur ha-Arokh al ha-Torah (Jerusalem: J.
Kiryat Ata Mayor Ya'akov Peretz said a major disaster was narrowly averted.
Zichron Ya'akov was founded in 1882 by 100 Jewish pioneers from Romania.
"Those tenders and settlement expansion in Pisgat Zeev and Neve Ya'akov will close the areas that were originally intended for natural expansion areas for the Palestinians.
The estate was in use for a few generations as was common in that era," according to Ya'akov Billig, who is directing the excavations for the IAA.
The company has offices in Vilnius, Lithuania and Zikhron Ya'akov, Israel.
Raised in Ayrshire but born in Be'er Ya'akov, he became the first wrestler of Israeli descent to compete in WWE when he was selected as one of the 32 athletes in the WWE Cruiserweight Classic.
One entrepreneur, Ya'akov Seh-Lavan, found a creative way: turn the bunker into an Escape Room.
The plan includes the building of 276 units in the Israeli settlement of Pisgat Ze'ev, 120 in Neve Ya'akov, 200 in Ramot and 202 in Gilo, presstv reported.
The three papers said the Israeli daily Haaretz uncovered an Israeli plan to build 209 housing units in the illegal settlement of Kokhav Ya'akov in the occupied West Bank.