Crazy Tobacco

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A genetically enhanced tobacco with a two-fold higher concentration of nicotine than other strains. It is grown in Brazil and other developing countries, out of the jurisdiction of regulatory agencies in developed countries
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The Y-1 well is located 20 kilometres to the southwest of the Sambayat Oilfield ("Sambayat"), which was discovered by Turkish Petroleum in 2008.
Whittaker and Likens (1973 and 1975) and Whittaker (1975) estimated average 650 g m-2 y-1 NPP for agricultural lands with surface area of 14x1012 m2 and according to this estimate total NPP amounted to 9.1x1015 g.
(1988) stated an NPP of 150 g m-2 y-1 NPP for grassland vegetation and opined that NPP increased with precipitation and soil water holding capacity.
said he didn't know whether his company or its contractor ever obtained permits for Y-1. Even if they had, he was asked, how could B&W grow and ship millions of pounds of Y-1 from only experimental amounts of seed?
Sifting through the information, FDA learned that B&W had bred a tobacco known as Y-1. Its leaves contain more than 6 percent nicotine by weight -- twice that in most comparable tobaccos.