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A disaccharide of two xylose residues linked β1→4, both in pyranose rings.
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The presence of readily metabolizable carbon sources like glucose, cellobiose, xylobiose, or xylose represses the synthesis of xylanase enzymes for the utilization of certain carbon sources such as xylan or cellulose and the process is known as catabolite repression.
The synthesis of xylanases and cellulases is repressed if easily metabolizable carbon source like glucose, cellobiose, xylose, or xylobiose is present [12].
Results obtained (Table 4) showed that enzyme obtained from fungal isolate Aspergillus fumigatus SKF-4 was superior than commercial enzymes in terms of xylobiose and xylose production.
It was found that Aspergillus fumigatus SKF-4 produced marginally higher amount xylobiose (1.
This fungus was able to convert beech wood xylan into high amount of xylobiose and lesser xylose within 24 hrs.
2009); xylanase, the enzyme that hydrolyzes xylan to release xylobiose and xylose; and urease activity all diminished in soils fertilized with N[P.
Method for obtaining saccharide liquid consisting essentially of xylobiose from hemicellulose liquor.
in Bacillus subtilis DB104 for the production of xylobiose from xylan.