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Surname of a child (Stephen Christmas) with the disease subsequently called Christmas disease; first case studied in detail. See: Christmas disease, Christmas factor.
See also: Christmas factor, hemophilia B.
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Carvedilol Hibernation Reversible Ischaemia Trial—Marker of Success. A study that asked if hibernating myocardium predicts the amount of carvedilol-induced improvement of LVEF-left ventricular ejection fraction in patients with heart failure and left ventricular systolic dysfunction due to ischaemic heart disease
Conclusion There was no significant difference between hibernators and nonhibernators in increasing LVEF with carvedilol
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Meanwhile the district administration has made fool proof security arrangements in all the 134 churches of the district to avert any untoward incident on the occasion of Xmass Day.
All aspects of pulse sequence control and data acquisition were performed on a 1.1 GHz Pentium II data station running Bruker's Xmass software (Bruker Daltonics).