hCRF Neurology A synthetic corticotropin-releasing factor– CRF–with orphan drug status for managing neurologic Sx caused by peritumoral brain edema to ↓ post-brain injury cerebral edema. See Cerebral edema.
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reported today completion of enrollment into a maximum dose tolerance study of investigational product Xerecept (corticorelin acetate) in pediatric patients who were dependent on chronic Decadron (dexamethasone) dosing due to peritumoral brain edema associated with cerebral tumours.
They said that the Xerecept dosing enabled pediatric patients to reduce their dexamethasone requirements even though each patient had at least two previous attempts to reduce the doses of dexamethasone prior to entry into this study.
Celtic Pharma said that the daily maximum tolerated dose of Xerecept in this study was 60?g (microgramme) per kilogramme given in divided doses subcutaneously morning and evening.
The decrease was primarily due to the completion of manufacturing an additional supply of XERECEPT. General and administrative expenses increased 13 percent to $781,000 for the fourth quarter compared to $693,000 for the same period in the prior year reflecting higher expenditures for professional services.
XERECEPT, a treatment for the swelling around brain tumors, entered Phase III clinical trials in May 2004 and we are actively engaged in overseeing these trials.