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(1) Agrimony, see there; Agrimonia eupatoria.
(2) Burdock, see there; Arctium lappa.
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Herbal agent made from Arctium lappa or A. minus; produced in several forms (e.g., cream, tonic, liquid); used against a huge range of disorders (e.g., arthritis, pain syndromes, rash); has been involved in poisoning; safety and efficacy not established.
Synonym(s): beggar's buttons, cocklebur (2) , wild gobo.


A perennial herb (Agrimonia eupatoria, A. herba) used in desiccated form in tablets and infusions, as well as topically (wound healing, astringent).
Synonym(s): cocklebur (1) , sticklewort.
[L. agrimonia, fr. G. argemōnē]
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