xanthine oxidase

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xan·thine ox·i·dase

a flavoprotein containing molybdenum; an oxidoreductase catalyzing the reaction of xanthine, O2, and H2O to produce urate and superoxide. Also oxidizes hypoxanthine, some other purines and pterins, and aldehydes. A lower rate of oxidation is observed in patients with molybdenum cofactor deficiency.
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xan·thine ox·i·dase

(zanthēn oksi-dās)
Flavoprotein containing molybdenum; also oxidizes hypoxanthine, some other purines and pterins, and aldehydes.
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Franz, Austrian scientist, 1853-1920.
Schardinger dextrins - the result of action of Bacillus macerans on starch.
Schardinger enzyme - a flavoprotein containing molybdenum. Synonym(s): xanthine oxidase
Schardinger reaction - an example of oxidation in the absence of O2 with an organic hydrogen acceptor.
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