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Latanoprost Ophthalmology A topical agent for managing open-angle glaucoma and ocular HTN. See Open-angle galucoma.
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Xalatan eye drops are used for the treatment of glaucoma and high eye pressure.
Pfizer is the highest-profile casualty of the patent cliff, with cholesterol fighter Lipitor, blood pressure pill Norvasc, impotence drug Viagra and eye drug Xalatan set to lose a combined $16.
fingers and toes Xalatan, Increases Mild reddening Tell your doctor Lumigan, drainage of and stinging of if you are taking Travatan aqueous eyes and antihistamines or humor darkening of the cough/cold iris, changes in medicines, or if pigment of you have asthma, eyelid, blurred ulcers, high blood vision pressure, heart disease, overactive thyroid, seizures or Parkinson's disease.
61) In contrast, another case study on Xalatan (an eyedrop solution to treat glaucoma) concluded that patents played an important part in the technology transfer process.
However, you no longer needed Timoptic or Xalatan eye drops for pressure control.
Included in this group were the branded drugs Aricept, Flomax, Xalatan, Forteo, Coreg, Plavix, Fosomax, Actonel, Norvasc, and Evista.
My wife has been using Cosopt, Xalatan, and brimonidine to treat glaucoma.
Anecdotal evidence suggests that using Lumigan, Alphagan, Cosopt, Xalatan, and Travatan prescription eye drops may lower blood pressure readings in some survey participants.
The cited example of Xalatan is a double taking from taxpayers.
The strength of drugs such as Celebrex and Xalatan .
He is a wonderful spokesperson," says Rosemarie Yancosek, director of patient education for Pharmacia Corporation, which markets Xalatan, the eye drops Puckett uses in his good eye.
approval and launch of the antibiotic Zyvox, and the receipt of an approvable letter from the Food and Drug Administration for Xalcom, a glaucoma medication combining Pharmacia's Xalatan and a beta blocker.