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symbol for a karyotype associated with hypoplasia of the testes and hermaphroditism. It is seen in male tortoiseshell cats and has also been observed in sexually normal rams. See also y chromosome.

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Q. how do I Know the treatment of klinefelter syndrome. availability of treatment in Sudan (Am fat,small pains )

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Although the emergence of queer heterotopian spaces recurs in a considerable number of post-2000 Argentine films, and is thus applicable to a wider corpus, (5) due to reasons of space and necessary detail required by close reading, I will concentrate my analysis on one paradigmatic film, namely XXY.
And, lastly, I will formulate the challenges of studying the impact of XXY in audiences.
By pointing to these similarities, I do not mean to imply that XXY and Un cuento chino fail to use animals to good effect for their own purposes.
En su pelicula XXY (2007), que se centra en el tema de la transexualidad, plantea la cuestion del derecho a una doble identidad de sexo desde el punto de vista del joven Alex, que no quiere optar por una identidad sexual unica en oposicion a la biopolitica heteronormativa de la sociedad.
47, XXY kromozom diziliminden farklt olarak, mozaizm muhtemelen konsepsiyondan sonraki mitotik fazdaki bolunmeden kaynaklanmaktadtr.
Clinical cytogenetics was born in 1959 with the description of trisomy 21 in Down's syndrome, monosomy X in turners syndrome, and XXY in Klinefelter's syndrome.
The study was done in mice, not humans, but the genes that determine sex are similar in mammals, so the results might be applicable, especially in males with Klinefelter's syndrome, who are genetically XXY.
Show several karyotypes of normal and aneuploid cells, including the trisomies 21, 18, and 13, and 47 XXY and 45 XO.
In 1959 Jacobs and Strong described the first human sex chromosome abnormality, an XXY chromosome constitution in a male patient.
Tambem partindo de representacoes cinematograficas, neste caso o filme argentino XXY, Mariana Viera Cherro discute, em "Que se enteren.
El primer informe de doble aneuploidia de XXY y trisomia 21 fue el de Ford y colaboradores en 1959; desde entonces se ha reportado una serie de casos con esta rara asociacion.
No obstante, se han publicado dos casos en varones con esta entidad, ambos asociados a cariotipo 47 XXY, con edades de 10 y 12 anos (4, 5).