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The best-in-class XLP multi-core processor solution is designed to deliver an unprecedented 160Gbps throughput and 240 million packets-per-second (Mpps) of intelligent application performance for next-generation 3G/4G mobile wireless infrastructure, enterprise, storage, security, metro Ethernet, edge and core infrastructure network applications.
We are pleased to partner with industry leader NetLogic Microsystems to optimize the performance of our software on the innovative XLP multicore processing platform," said Eric Carmes, CEO of 6WIND.
The Duchess of Cambridge arrives for her visit to the XLP community bus and <Bthe XLP mobile recording studio in London Anthony Devlin
And each teenager took their turn throughout the day and night to help raise funds for XLP - which operates in more than 30 schools and communities.
Due to the severe clinical manifestations found in XLP patients, intense efforts had recently focused on elucidating the signaling mechanism used by SAP to regulate in cells involved in immune surveillance against cancers.
Axsun Technologies introduced the IntegraSpec XLP NIR (Near Infrared) system, which is designed for process applications, specifically continuous quality monitoring.
A transplant is the only treatment for XLP and the couple were optimistic for Dean after their only healthy son Scott aged four, was found to be a perfect match.
These new 28-pin MCUs offer a combination of advanced digital and analog peripherals, along with XLP for the extended battery life that many applications require.
The company said XLP is a standards-based solution suite that enables wireless carriers to launch a variety of location-based services.
Kate, 34, wore the Eponine outfit as she and husband William, 34, visited XLP, a mentoring charity for young people in London.
For the past three months, the S&P has improved 1%, while XLP is down about 2%; the KZI has fallen about 0.
Together with our XLP PIC microcontrollers for battery-powered applications, and our MCUs and dsPIC(R) digital signal controllers for digital power conversion, motor control and metering, Microchip now provides the industry's first complete low-power embedded design platform.