St. Andrew's Cross

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St. Andrew’s Cross

An X-shaped bondage frame used in BDSM role-play, in which the so-called submissive is restrained by ligatures that tie him or her at the ankles, wrists and waist in a spreadeagle position.
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The Model 500 has the heavy barreled Smith & Wesson N-frame look to it although much larger, now called the X-Frame. The sights are a fully adjustable rear, mated up with a post front on a ramp base.
(Weigand has a mount for all K-, N- and X-Frame S&W revolvers.)
Richard Hupp took it last time with a long-barreled S&W X-Frame .500, running 500-gr.
The Pro comes with either a Wing Truss base, offering the reduced weight of carbon with the robustness of aluminum, or an X-Frame base with 3 or 5 pins.
Then SIG introduced the X-frame models (X-Five and VTAC), which seemed to address every complaint I had with the platform, however minor.
Manufactured in China, the machines are made of X-frame aluminum alloy tubing capable of carrying about 330 pounds, including rider.
SIG chose to unleash Lamb on the X-frame variant of the P320.
Logistically, the .460 S&W Magnum is actually a .452 caliber chambering, which means the S&W Performance Center X-Frame revolver can safely cylinder and fire .460 S&W Magnum, .454 Casull and .45 Colt.
The polycarbonate X-frame offers a secondary layer of corner protection.
For reliability and long life of the equipment, modified X-frame structure has been added.
Both standard and pharmaceutical versions can be supplied with an X-frame support or with four small feet, raising the scale above the subjacent surface and providing enough space for cleaning underneath.