X ray

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1. The ionizing electromagnetic radiation emitted from a highly evacuated tube, resulting from the excitation of the inner orbital electrons by the bombardment of the target anode with a stream of electrons from a heated cathode. Synonym(s): roentgen ray Compare: glass rays, indirect rays.
2. Ionizing electromagnetic radiation produced by the excitation of the inner orbital electrons of an atom by other processes, such as nuclear delay and its sequelae.
3. Synonym(s): radiograph

X ray

A form of electromagnetic radiation with shorter wavelengths than normal light. X rays can penetrate most structures.

Patient discussion about X ray

Q. Is an X- Ray dangerous to my fetus? I fell down while I am pregnant and was sent to the ER. I was given an x- ray there, is the radiation dangerous to my fetus?

A. As far as I know one x-ray cannot harm your fetus since there is not enough radiation there to harm it. If you are worried consult a Doctor.

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