Wrisberg, Heinrich A.


Heinrich A., German anatomist and gynecologist, 1739-1808.
nerve of Wrisberg
Wrisberg cartilage - a small, nonarticulating rod of elastic cartilage. Synonym(s): cuneiform cartilage
Wrisberg ganglia - parasympathetic ganglia of the cardiac plexus. Synonym(s): cardiac ganglia
Wrisberg lesion
Wrisberg ligament - the band that passes posterior to the posterior cruciate ligament. Synonym(s): posterior meniscofemoral ligament
Wrisberg nerve - Synonym(s): medial brachial cutaneous nerve; nervus intermedius
Wrisberg tubercle - a rounded eminence on the posterior part of the aryepiglottic fold. Synonym(s): cuneiform tubercle
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