Heinrich A., German anatomist and gynecologist, 1739-1808. See: Wrisberg cartilage, Wrisberg ganglia, Wrisberg ligament, Wrisberg nerve, Wrisberg tubercle.
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Schmidt e Wrisberg (2010) afirmam que algumas capacidades dao suporte as acoes de percepcao e tomada de decisao, enquanto outras embasam a organizacao e o planejamento de movimentos.
The artistic gymnastics uses the model of closed-loop control with the use of feedback (Schmdit, Wrisberg 2000).
This is consistent with the creation of practice conditions that set an optimal challenge for the learner so that motivation and success are optimised and learning is maximised (Schmidt and Wrisberg, 2000).
Generally, the beneficial effects of positive and the detrimental effects of negative ST on performance have been supported in the sport literature (Van Raalte, et al., 1994; Van Raalte et al., 1995; Wrisberg & Anshel, 1997); even though in some field studies negative ST was not associated with impaired performance (e.g.
A pratica do Mental Training, conforme Schmidt e Wrisberg (2001) e um procedimento no qual os executantes pensam sobre os aspectos cognitivos, simbolicos ou processuais da habilidade motora, na ausencia de movimento observavel.
More specifically, moderate interference protocols have included alternating (Landin, et al., 2003; Wrisberg and Liu, 1991), blocked followed by random practice (French et al., 1990; Jarus and Goverover, 1999; Wegman, 1999), increasing interference (Porter and Magill, 2004; Porter and Magill, 2010; Porter and Saemi, 2010), randomized-blocks (Jones and French, 2007), serial (Bortoli, et al., 1992; Goode and Magill, 1986; Keller et al., 2006; Landin and Hebert, 1997), and serial-with-high-interference (Bortoli, et al., 1992).
Complementarmente, sao varios os aspectos motores influenciadores do desempenho envolvendo estas capacidades (Shmidt, Wrisberg, 2001).
Martin, Wrisberg, Beitel, and Lounsbury (1997) studied NCAA Division I athletes' attitudes towards seeking sport psychology consultation and found stigma tolerance, confidence in a SPC/recognition of need, and openness/willingness to try a SPC as the client characteristics most responsible for whether or not athletes seek consultation.
Se por acaso a lesao tivesse ocorrido apenas na primeira raiz do nervo facial esse disturbio da gustacao nao ocorreria, mesmo porque a sensibilidade gustativa total nao depende apenas do nervo facial, que e responsavel apenas por inervar os dois tercos anteriores da lingua e a segunda raiz do nervo facial (nervo intermediario de Wrisberg), que possui as fibras sensitivas.
This pilot work represents an attempt to develop methods and consequential tools to analyze, and then train, tactical water polo side, knowing that "the coaches of team sports analyze matches and performances of team and opposing teams to get useful data in coaching" Hughes&Franks, 2008) and that, "currently, the process of training, its organization, and teaching methodology need more knowledge on the qualitative aspects of sports performance Wrisberg, Schmidt 2008)".
De acordo com Schimidt e Wrisberg (2001), os movimentos de individuos habilidosos sao caracterizados por um controle mais eficiente e uma coordenacao suave das articulacoes e dos musculos, alem da diminuicao no gasto de energia.
When this stage is completed, information is passed to the response selection stage and finally to the third stage, response programming, until an action (output) occurs (Schmidt and Wrisberg, 2004).