Wrap Rage

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A term referring to anger and frustration caused by the inability to open packageing—especially plastic blister packs and clamshells—that encases certain consumer products. Poorly designed packageing results in thousands of injuries per year, in the form of cut fingers and sprains
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Either through direct experience or through the media, consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the wrap rage issue and are causing brand owners to rethink their packaging options," says Jeff Kellogg, vice president of Natralock security packaging for Meadwestvaco.
DON'T be beaten by child-safety caps, screw top lids and fiddly plastic wrapping again with the Wrap Rage Beater from Lakeland.
Despite proliferating wrap rage, security packaging still aids in increasing customer perception.
I learned that I am a sufferer from wrap rage -the anger that wells up when you try (always without success until a sharp instrument is involved) to remove the cellophane from a CD.
Wrap rage was highlighted by a survey of 2,000 over-50s which found that packaging had become more difficult to remove over the past 10 years.
Wrap rage is the new fury for millions who can't work out how to break into the food we buy.
The most common injuries from wrap rage are a cut finger or hand and strained muscles.
In addition to wrap rage, impenetrable packaging also causes injuries, says the survey commissioned by Yours, a magazine for the over-50s.
It's Elizabeth Briggs' very own object of wrap rage.
There are over 6000 reported emergency room incidents resulting from wrap rage.
99 it is a bargain for anyone looking for Wrap Rage Relief.
The everyday night-mare of opening packaged toys, electronics, and various other items was recently experienced by a group of women known as Designing Women with the Zibra Company - their frustration and aggravation prompted them to develop a new product that would open any package, successfully ending the condition now known as Package Wrap Rage.