Worm Burden

The number of worms an individual host carries which, depending on the worm, can be measured either directly—e.g., Ascaris lumbricoides—or indirectly—e.g., schistosomiasis
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Call the on 0151 472 revealed a significant worm burden.
The vet also described Oscar as having a low body score for his physical condition, and also revealed a significant worm burden.
Faecal worm egg counts (FEC) from a mob of weaner deer provided an indication as to whether a sufficient gastrointestinal (G/I) worm burden was established to warrant further treatment and were made by the modified McMaster method [11].
It has remarkably reduced the worm burden as well as egg count.
As well as the fleas he was suffering from a worm burden, which he's been treated for.
Low shedders are defined as horses with a low worm burden identified through faecal worm egg counts and as such these horses do not require routine worming.
Lambs are monitored closely for endoparasites and faecal egg counting is carried out regularly to assess the worm burden within the flock and ensure effective use of anthelmintics.
Molybdenum also plays an important role in immunity against endoparasites (McClure, 2003) and can decrease worm burden in lambs (Miller, 1984).
"Usually worms are found in the lung arteries, but a large worm burden or a rapid decrease in cardiac output--and therefore blood flow --can allow the worms to 'fall' into the right side of the heart and get trapped across the tricuspid valve," says cardiologist Romain Pariaut, DVM, ACVIM, an associate professor at Cornell.
The total number of worms recovered in each case were counted in order to find out its worm burden. There were three worm burden categories based on clinical symptons observed, namely light (1-10 worms), medium (11-20 worms) and heavy (>21 worms) as per the previous literature (Djungu et al., 2014).