World Wide Web

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World Wide Web

All resources and users on the Internet that use HTTP protocols.

World Wide Web

See the Web.

Patient discussion about World Wide Web

Q. Is surfing the internet good for your brain? I am 72 and I just discovered computers and the internet at our library. I find myself fascinated by it and I spend hours in front of the computer. Is surfing the internet good for your brain?

A. This is a very current question that people ask and the answer is YES it is. A recent study showed that adults who surf the internet regularly engage larger parts of their brain when doing so compared to adults who rarely surf.

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90 Park Avenue New York, NY 10016 (800) 446-6267 World Wide Web Address: http://www.
As the public adopts the World Wide Web for electronic communication, and the Internet for electronic mail, providers will have all the more reason to adopt Internet standards for their office practice networks and the regional communication networks they share.
The principle beauty of the World Wide Web, and the browser software Mosaic, is that addresses of computers on the WWW are in natural language; their arcane numeric computer addresses are hidden from view.

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